Testing and Validation

Our in-house test facility is amongst one of the best in the industry offering the following capabilities:

Fire testing
Cold start testing
Fuel and oil contamination testing
Hailstone impact testing
Thermal performance
Thermal cycling
Pressure cycling
Vibration testing
3-Axis fatigue testing
Fluids: air, aviation fuels and oils, hydraulic fluids, electronic coolants
Ozone efficiency testing
Dynamic hose testing
Wind Tunnel

The facility can be configured by our test engineers to fully replicate most customer full scale needs. We can both validate the engineering computer model predictions and then provide a reduced risk solution by testing the unit/system to our customers' requirements.

This enables us to carry out over 90% of all our test requirements for production, qualification programmes and development on-site.

“Our Project Leaders are fully trained
individuals who will lead a multifunctional
team comprising of all disciplines within
Collins Aerospace plus any supply
chain support”