Ultra-Fin™ / Force Cooled Range

The latest development in extrusion technology allows a much higher fin height to fin spacing
ratio. The Ultra-Fin™ provides much greater performance in a force cooled environment
that has hitherto been possible with standard extrusions. This enables the thermal engineer
to make further space and weight savings as it
is now possible to achieve higher performance
in a smaller volume.
Ultra-Fin™ No Length Thermal Resistance
890SP-01000-A-100 100mm 0.12ºC/w*
890SP-01500-A-100 150mm 0.08ºC/w*
890SP-02000-A-100 200mm 0.07ºC/w*
890SP-02500-A-100 250mm 0.05ºC/w**
890SP-03000-A-100 300mm 0.04ºC/w**
 Performance with one Papst 3312 fan
** Performance with one Papst 3312 fan
Force Cooled Assemblies When it becomes impossible to dissipate heat from a group of semi- conductors by natural convection because space available for the heat sink is too small, the next logical step is to consider smaller heat sinks in
a moving airstream.

The Force Cooled range offers low thermal resistance in a compact modular assembly utilising a 120mm square fan.

Two extrusions are used for the heat sink
modules which form the basis of any assembly. 24WF is a shelf type heat sink designed for easy semiconductor mounting whilst the 25WF gives
a lower thermsal resistance and is designed for
stud devices.

Please contact the factory to discuss
assembly arrangement
Electronics Cooling – Collins Aerospace
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