Force Cooled – Cold-Cube™ Series
High Efficiency – Low Volume – High Power – Low Weight

The Cold-Cube™ range are manufactured using the same
technology that is used in modern aerospace applications,
combining high surface area with multi-entry / plain fins and
lightness for maximum thermal efficiency. The technology
and manufacturing techniques provide high flexible solutions
to meet your exact requirements.

Cold-Cube™ types CC0101 and CC002 are standard
components, readily available to help the engineer reconcile
the conflicting requirements of higher performance from an
ever diminishing volume.

Cold-Cube™ is designed to fit within standard U2
racking systems.

Cold-Cube™  type CC001 is designed to provide maximum
efficiency with two 80mm fans in a push-pull configuration.
Type CC002 will operate at the performance shown with
only one fan.
Type Dim A Dim B Dim C Dim D Weight (kg)  Thermal Resistance
CC001 75.0 71.5 82.0 100.0 0.64 0.12ºC/w
CC002 75.0 71.5 82.0 60.0 0.38 0.18ºC/w

Cold-Cube™ performance data is based on the Papst 8314 fans.
Electronics Cooling – Collins Aerospace
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