Corrugated – CP Series Heat Sink
High Performance – Low Profile – Low Weight

Certain applications or harsh environments will
require additional cooling to ensure the integrity and
long life of the electronics at the heart of the system.

HS Marston have developed the CP range to satisfy
these demanding requirements. The large surface
area and turbulence in the air flow provided by the
corrugated construction ensure high levels of
efficiency. The air can be provided from an external
source or from an integral fan. This provides a light
compact heat sink that outperforms extrusion of
similar size.

This series of heat sinks has found many applications
where high performance is required coupled with
severe restrictions on volume.

 High performance lightweight corrugated technology.
 Standard sizes available to suit most devices.
 Base to 0.1mm flatness to ensure optimum surface
  contact and efficiency or fabricated to suit application.
 Self adhesive fan gaskets available on request.
 Base machined to customer specification or device
  can be attached by double sided thermal tape.
 Fans normally supplied separately.
 Custom designs available for non standard applications.
Electronics Cooling – Collins Aerospace
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