We have been providing products for aerospace use for over 100 years from the inception of
aircraft and aero-engine manufacture in the UK. Today we supply an integrated range of heat
transfer and fluids management products for the commercial and military markets.

Our products are used within airframes and engines and on fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.

Heat Transfer Solutions      Fluids Management Products

Electronics & Avionics

Heat sinks, cold plates and heat exchangers are supplied for a wide range of electronics and avionics applications covering aerospace, maritime and ground based civil and military markets.


Charge coolers, inter-coolers and hoses for armoured fighting vehicles and cooling packs for main battle tanks.

Power Generation

Frame and aero-derivative gas turbines, fuel cells and co-generation plants are some of the areas where our
heat exchangers and recuperators are used in the field of Power Generation.

“We aim to provide products that fulfil the
agreed quality standards, are reliable,
easy to operate and maintain and
represent fair value for money”