Fluids Management

Collins Aerospace has the total capability to design, integrate, manufacture and certify a comprehensive range of fluids management systems.

Providing a complete service to engine nacelle and airframe manufactures,our unique product range encompasses fluid transfer systems parts, packages and individual bespoke components.

Metallic Hoses

Standard and custom designed assemblies are supplied in stainless steel and also titanium for extreme environment fluid systems demanding high integrity.

PTFE Hoses

We can offer a wide range of PTFE hoses for many commercial and military aerospace applications.

Lightning Insulators

Lightning Insulators are typically used in conventional metal fuel lines and conduits and consist of a non-metallic insulator. These help to route lightning strikes through safe areas of the aircraft structure.

Flexible Joints

Our wide range of flexible joints for incorporation into ducting systems includes ball joints, bellows and gimbals. These are available in stainless steel, titanium, nickel and high-temperature alloys.

Fuel Manifolds

Collins Aerospace is a leading supplier of flexible fuel manifolds for aero gas turbines. We supply manifolds for use on numerous turbo-fan, turbo-prop and turbo-shaft engines as well as auxiliary power units (APUs).

Tube Assemblies and Ductings

We manufacture tube and duct assemblies for a wide range of airframe, engine and powerplant systems, from hydraulic and fuel lines through to ECS and bleed-air system ducts.

Ozone Converters

Collins Aerospace design and manufacture ozone converters for use on aircraft Environmental Control Systems (ECS) and On-board Inert Gas Generation Systems (OBIGGS). They remove ozone by a catalytic process that converts ozone (O3) to oxygen (O2). We also offer efficiency testing and cleaning services for ozone converters to
all operators and airlines.

“Our unique product range encompasses
fluids transfer systems parts, packages
and individual bespoke components”